Programmable WiFi Controller

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Programmable WiFi Controller

Optional Feature For:  HotSpot ACDC12b, Chiltrix CXI-Series Fan Coil Units, ARAMA PTAC, & Climax-Air Portable AC

7-Day Programmable Remote Control
iPhone / Android / iPad

WiFi controller for air conditioner or heat pump, ptac, chiller fan coil unit, FCU etc

Add WiFi control to your HotSpot, Chiltrix CXI, ARAMA, or Climax-Air units and extend their wireless control to wherever you are.

controller screen shots from mini split wifi app

Powerful IoT WiFi Remote Control Features:

This WiFi Remote Control works with or replaces your standard wireless controller and allows you to access all of the remote control functions of your air conditioner/heat pump indoor unit, from anywhere you may travel. With this option your unit can be controlled via iPhone or Android APP. You can see the current temperature, adjust temperature settings, mode, function, fan speed, programmable functions, etc. – it gives you the same level of control as if you were in the room using the standard wireless controller, plus more, such as . . . .

Feature chart of mini-split & FCU wifi controller

Better than NEST because it does not try to “learn”. Rather, it does exactly and only what you tell it to do.

Secure & Reliable: SSL security & IoT management hosted by Amazon AWS Cloud.

Single-unit and multi-unit options are available. Single unit version is plug-and-play and includes a wall display & mounting kit, 5v USB adapter, micro USB cable, and free APP from Google Play or Apple Store.  Multi-unit versions for Chiltrix do not use a wall unit, instead, a tiny adapter is connected on the inside of the chiller fan coil units and require installation. Both versions include free APP from Google Play or Apple Store and one year limited manufacturers warranty.

Unit requires customer-provided WiFi router connectivity, with internet connection. Remote control requires a compatible smartphone or internet connected browser.

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